Home at Fuyong

Beside The Rail Mall sits the cozy kampong of the Fuyong Estate. Since the 1950s, this close-knit community of 142 households has enjoyed the serenity and calm of its surroundings. Originally built by philanthropist Lee Kong Chian to provide affordable modern housing units to replace overcrowded ones in Singapore, it is now home to many families including some very prominent Singaporeans.

The Rail Corridor

The Rail Corridor is a hidden, tucked-away gem of the island. This little-known slice of old Singapore carries with it a deep history, one that consists of an old steam train, routinely chugging across the railway tracks, filling those who lived in the area with the simple joy of counting the carriages as they passed by and taking idyllic walks alongside the tracks through the open grassland nearby. Although the trains have since ceased operations, the iconic truss bridge still remains intact today. The Rail Corridor, now enveloped in greenery, forms a continuous open space through the heart of Singapore. Together, The Rail Corridor and The Rail Mall provide a little local get-away for those looking for an adventure and a warm meal to come home to.

Get Together


The constant hustle and bustle of city life makes the draw of an escape into greenery so alluring. If you need a change of pace, put on those running shoes and get a close-up of nature. Check out the tranquil running route along The Green Corridor recommended by JustRunLah.

Milo Lim Castillo

Milo Lim Castillo has been working in Cold Storage Singapore for 6 years. As a Supermarket Manager, proud father and a patron of Cold Storage himself, he is a firm believer of ensuring customer satisfaction every step of the way. Looking for great service at your next grocery run? Visit Cold Storage at The Rail Mall or check out their website at


Quaint, charming and rustic, Country Haven is no stranger to the community. With over 20 years of experience in the teak furniture business, Rosemary is always open to a friendly chat in helping customers discover that perfect piece of home. If you are looking to customize your own furniture, head down to Country Haven at The Rail Mall, or visit Country Haven's Facebook page at

Dr Darrin Cho

A visit to the dentist can be a daunting experience but Dr. Darrin Cho of The Dental Clinic has been bringing smiles to his patients for years. His excellent dental services and personal touch ensures that patients feel at ease, it's no wonder his regulars keep coming back throughout the years! Say hi to Dr Darrin at The Dental Clinic at The Rail Mall or check out their website at

Eric Tan

Eric, the Shop Manager at The Straits Wine Company, is proud of the high quality wine he serves, and loves building a fan base of regular customers by providing a relaxed environment.

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